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"Providing innovative and refreshing advertising solutions across an unrivalled portfolio of market-leading independent and influential web sites.We believe in simplicity and transparency. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the maximum return on your media investments. So sit back and let us do the work for you."


You have the product we have the right solutions for you. Combining the industry's top technology mixed with our interactive advertising experience. We shall ensure not only the highest possible ROI but also the widest reach for your campaigns. Our dedicated account managers & operations team will help you form a powerful and effective strategic plan.

Dizi Shades will not only provide solutions for existing digital media advertisers but also helps in building their brands that are new to this space. We surprise majority of the other players in the market exposing their reach in numbers but we do believe in reality and would like our advertiser to judge our performance and reach.

What we do?
  • Performance driven optimization.
  • Innovations & Branding
  • Will drive unique audience based on data.
  • We propose plans and you choose the best suitable plan for your business.
  • Expertise in optimizing CPV, eCpl ,CPL and many more.
  • Transparent data sharing with clients in terms of daily Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, Domains, Verticals, etc.,
  • Dedicated Account management team to optimize @24/7 and assist you at any time.
  • We provide detailed campaign analysis repot and inputs at the end of each campaign.

Performance Based Campaigns
We judge our results by one thing: Performance. Every campaign is optimized to generate the highest ROI possible. The numbers don't lie.

The Right Price and Pricing Model
We analyze a variety of pricing models, from CPA to dCPM, to see what will work best for your campaign. Our media buying team is cost effective in purchasing premium traffic at a profitable price.

Pinpointing Quality Traffic
Our campaign managers test traffic from a variety of sources to see exactly where traffic converts best. After we find your target audience we focus our media on them, generating you many new costumers.

Every campaign manager is trained to meticulously look at campaign data and analyze dozens of parameters. We strongly believe a campaign can never be optimized enough, and neither can your ROI.

Dedicated Account Management
Every Dizi Shades partner has a dedicated account manager that works closely one-on-one with you to analyze results, discuss promising opportunities, and answer any questions you may have about your campaign. We're all about a close and strong partnership.

Advertisers At A Glance
Models: CPA, CPL, CPM, dCPM, CPC
Goals: Performance, Branding, ROI
Platforms: Online, Mobile
Reach: 40 billion monthly impressions worldwide
Media: Display, Video, Rich media
Targeting: Behavioral, Channel, Contextual, Geographic
Specialty: Personal partnerships


Monetize 100% of your traffic with competitive eCpm rates and best payment terms of Net-15 days in the market. We always do optimize based on publishers payouts and effective CPM rates.

We have built strong relationships with the high quality advertisers across the globe. So you can feel confident that your advertising space is filled with only the most relevant ads.

We don't want to build publisher lists or databases. We want to build a relationship. You are not just another website but a value partner of ours. Our solution includes advanced technology & different revenue model is here to cater your needs.

You've worked hard to grow your traffic and user base. Let Dizi Shades help you grow your revenue.

Why Dizi Shades
  • We offer industry highest rates and the best international coverage.
  • We offer CPM, CPC, Rev-Share model payouts based on the content, quality and reach of the domain.
  • Fast and reliable payment terms of Net-15 days.
  • We have innovation adunits like Sliders, POP’s, Page Pusher, Skinning, etc., which will give you 10 time better CTR than noraml banners.
  • We do research, plan and carry out initiatives that meet even the most ambitious goals.

Guaranteed Floor CPM Rates
We offer you a risk-free solution for monetizing your web presence. With our fixed CPM revenue plans, you’ll never have unfilled inventory and you’ll always know what revenues to expect. This way, you don’t have to worry about slipping revenues or irregular eCpm rates.

Are you ready for Innovations!
Do you accommodate innovation ad spots like page pusher, skinning, expandable! We will give you the higest CPM rates for branding and innovations you have ever hearb about.We will take care of the technical from interm of creative and adserving of innovations.

Apart from that we do provide sliders and Pop adunits to our publishers which gives double the eCpm than the standard banner adunits.

Guaranteed Floor CPC Rates
Do you have strong and serious audience to your domain! If Yes then Dizi Shades is the right place to grab maximum out of your audience behavior with our CPC model payments.Does your site produces high CTR then lets signup for a CPC deal and make most out of it.

A 70/30 revenue model in your favour! This is a solution through which you can increase your income by giving you a fill rate of your excess/remnant inventory and increase the overall eCpm of your display traffic.

Brand Safe
We give every one of our publishers strict control over what advertisers can display ads on their website. No prohibited content, no second-tier advertisers. Our publishers have full control and we assist you 24/7.

Dedicated Account Management
Each publishers gets a personal account manager for instant support, to discuss business development opportunities, and review traffic performance along with reporting.

Better Yield Management
We are more than happy to discuss with you on the best way to manage your inventory and page groups, Adunit & Ad locations. When it comes to yield management, we reduce the risk and maximise returns.

Hassle-Free Payout
For any publisher first and foremost, we offer timely payments by Paypal or Wire. We have no minimum payments on paypal but $100 minum threshold will be there for Wire transfer. Instead of waiting for payment to arrive, Dizi Shades will automatically process the payments on the 5th of each month.

Advertiser Optimization

Optimization plays a major role at advertiser end since it's not only the number game but also the value we are adding to the advertiser’s business.

Steps that we follow in Advertiser Optimization life cycle
  • Advertiser optimization starts from planning. We believe for every advertiser first step in success is planning the right model of advertising.
    Our Experienced Planning team will give you the right plan as per your targeting criteria and the type of audience you are expecting.
    It's always easier to simply propose a CPL, CPC or CPM plan to any of the advertiser but it doesn't make sense to propose a CPM plan for an advertiser who has enough branding in the industry, so for any advertisers success we believe planning is the key.

  • To understand the advertisers goals and work towards the benchmarks set by the advertiser along with the ROI.
    We believe in the ROI for the advertiser rather than meeting the mid-level benchmarks like CTR, frequency, position etc.,

  • Do you want to track the audience behavior across your portal! If yes then we will give you the solution with complete transparent user behavioral data.
    It's always key for any advertiser to analyze the audience behavior to identify the areas of improvements based on the audience dropouts and also helps the advertiser to build competitive application stuff.

  • We do track all the actions irrespective of the deal type and work towards advertisers goal.
    It's always essential to understand the advertiser expectation rather than delivery and we simply optimize based on what the advertiser is expecting out of his budgets.
    For example any CPL campaign is not just all about the leads what we are driving to the advertiser but it’s all about what kind of leads we are driving and what kind of ROI advertiser is getting.

  • Our huge audience segments will give us the flexibility to target the right audience.
    Our expertise in segmentation and audience data re-targeting will help the advertisers to reach the right audience at right time.
    At this level of optimization our creative team plays a major role in bringing the dynamic creative to catch the user attention all the time.

  • Reports and Analysis are the key factors for any advertiser's success in digital industry.
    Our Account Management team will work 24/7 on reporting and analysis which helps the advertiser to increase the ROI.

publisher Optimization

We don't think publisher optimization is as simple as filling the 100% of publisher inventory but there something beyond the inventory filling.

How Dizi Shades Optimizes Publisher Inventory
  • It start from what kind of deal we are working with, our industry top most experienced publisher team will always come to you with the right plan and strategy that suits with your traffic.
    Do you have serious audience! Dizi Shades is the best place that offers you the industry best CPM rates you have ever heard.

  • We always ensure you that your inventory will be filled with only brand safe advertisers.
    We see lot of adnetworks talks about brand safe and runs behind filling the inventory with all the third party ads but Dizi Shades will give you the transparent data to optimize your complete inventory.

  • Our dedicated account management team will closely monitor and display the appropriate ad based on the content on your webpage.
    We always do believe in the content targeting advertising is works better than anything else and we also propose the same to our advertisers and our inventory mix will be always proportionate to our advertiser mix which will allow our publishers to yield maximum.

  • Our experienced publisher management team will always help you with the best yielding ad slots, ad units and ad dimensions.
    Do you ever think about the ad slot on your web page!
    Yes the ad position in any webpage makes lot of difference in revenue yield for the publisher and performance for the networks and advertisers.

Do you ever think about the ad slot on your web page!

Yes the ad position in any webpage makes lot of difference in revenue yield for the publisher and performance for the networks and advertisers.

We have experienced 50% growth in publisher revenues after changing the adpositions based on our publisher managers inputs.

And next comes to AdUnit-

Everyone in this industry knows what is best performing and least performing adunit across all the standard industry adunit but Dizi Shades always helps you how make the lowest performing adunit into healthy yielding adunit. Also do you dare to run Innovations if Yes, Dizi Shades is the best place to run innovations and yield maximum out of it.

Last but not least – AdDimensions

We guide you through the best performing ad sizes all the time and also help you with the daily ad dimension analysis and optimization inputs.

Network Optimization

Network level optimization is something that the combination of both publisher level optimization and advertiser level optimization.

As an Adnetwork we always ensure that the right ads are showing to the right audience at the right place all the time.

As an Adnetwork we make sure that the balance of Publisher yield as well as Advertiser ROI is in right mix.

Are you an Advertiser and wanted to exclude some set of publishers! We shall do that for you.

Are you a Publisher and doesn’t want to show some sort of advertisers to whom you have a direct deal we can help you by excluding the given list of advertiser for your inventory.

Tired with geographical and demographical targeting at your end!

Dizi Shades gives you the one point solution for all you frequency capping, geo targeting, day parting & many more for both advertisers as well as publishers.

About Us

Dizi Shades is a pioneer in the digital space that provides a wide range of advertising, publishing & revenue optimization. Our vision is creativity and innovation. We believe in doing things different, in standing out in a crowd.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional client experience for every business: big or small, young or established. Efficiency and transparency are the key elements to our marketing strategy, as we make sure every client’s marketing budget is wisely allocated using the latest technology and expert analysis.

Company Values
  • We are passionate about our Advertiser's and Publisher's satisfaction
  • We strive to under-promise and over-exceed expectations
  • We believe in conducting ourselves professionally and ethically with attention to the detail
  • We continuously develop our products and processes
  • Our staff are highly valued and we invest in their development and work environment
  • We believe in working hard, but also having fun
  • We are strong enough to be humble

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